Tellegacy Program

Research has shown that loneliness and social isolation can result in long-term negative health outcomes. The inter-generational Tellegacy program helps keep older adults connected.

Our University students, known as Legacy Builders, connect with residents of retirement communities, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities via phone or through virtual visits. The discussions focus on building rapport and providing a sense of hope, while also allowing the older adult to impart wisdom and share stories of their past with the students. A legacy book is provided back to the resident at the end of the sessions.

Benefits to becoming a Student Legacy Builder

  • Complete required service/clinical hours  

  • Enhance connecting and listening skills

  • Receive training in vision/goal-setting, mindfulness, growth mindset, and legacy interviewing

  • Learn new perspectives from an older generation

  • Participate in a mentorship program  

  • Help improve someone's quality of life and health status


Benefits for Older Adults

  • Enjoy weekly connections with a University student  

  • Share experiences and wisdom with a younger generation

  • Receive a well-prepared Legacy Book of your story  to share with family and friends

  • Positively impact the life of a youth

  • Set and accomplish personal goals

Why Tellegacy was started.

After finding out from a community Chaplain friend that older adults in retirement communities were passing away, not from COVID-19, but from a broken heart due to isolation from family and friends, Jeremy Holloway, PhD, decided to create a flexible, relationship-oriented mindfulness, goal setting and guided imagery curriculum that can be facilitated by University students via phone or virtually one-on-one with older adults in retirement communities. Jeremy got connected with Hayley Studer and achi and together they built the infrastructure for this program. Not only can the Tellegacy program make meaningful intergenerational connections, we think it can save lives. 

Dr. Jeremy Holloway

Dr. Jeremy Holloway is a vision mastery Diversity Equity & Inclusion leader and curriculum specialist with 20 years of professional and global experience. Dr. Holloway has led strategic planning, program design, and implementation for over 30 groups and organizations, in 10 countries for multiple organizations and sectors of healthcare, business, church ministries, and higher education.


He has intuitive skills in unifying by means of collaborative partnerships with corporations, cross-cultural leaders, and local communities for D&I results that last. He executes with unique understanding of big-picture thinking, growth mindset, visualization, mindfulness, and human identity development to build connection between corporations and local communities. He utilizes skills in qualitative and quantitative research to help organizations build more inclusion that ultimately betters patients, associates, stakeholders, and community members as a whole.   

Did you know...

Loneliness and social isolation are cited as having negative health impacts equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention