Changing lives and
transforming healthcare.

achi is a holistic care management company that lowers your expenses by actively engaging people and connecting them to organizations to address the social determinants of health. Our vision is to create healthier communities while reducing overall healthcare costs to transform healthcare payment models.

Our Services

Through assisting organizations with understanding the social determinants of health, achi can coordinate holistic care management models to help you keep your members and staff healthy and thriving.

We specialize in servicing the healthcare and insurance industries, self-insured businesses, as well as educational institutions.


and Insurance

We work with healthcare entities and insurance companies to holistically manage their identified at-risk-population.

Self-Insured Employers

Businesses can reduce healthcare costs, improve retention rates and increase employee engagement.

Educational Institutions

The methods employed by achi will improve retention and graduation rates, and increase the overall health of students.

Did you know...

U.S. health care spending reached $4.1 trillion in 2020 and accounted for nearly 20% of the nation's Gross Domestic Product.

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.